Homeowner Testimonials

We loved working with all of you when building our house! This was the 5th house we have had built and the best experience of all. We absolutely love our new home and thank every one of you for such a positive experience!

'This is the fourth house I've built and by far this has been the best experience I had building a home. My inspector said 'I see one out of 1000 homes I've seen and this is the best built to code.' He found one minor detail that was fixed the day. If I ever moved, I will buy another SR home.'

'We have built or bought eight homes over the last thirty seven years and never had a smoother experience. Everyone from the realty team, to closing, to follow through was as good as it could be. There was nothing we asked them to do that wasn't done if it was possible to do so.I would highly recommend SR to anyone looking for a new home. Thank you SR for a very pleasant experience.'

'We talked with several builders before selecting SR Homes and Williams Point. Unsurpassed customer service...with very clear updates. They built a house that is beautiful and exactly what we wanted. They worked with us on some custom features - we are grateful for their professionalism and customer-centric attitude and absolutely love our new home!'

'SR Homes is a very professional company that offers great customer service! I would highly recommend them to anyone!'

'My wife and I have built many homes and SR Homes, by far, have been the BEST CONTRACTORS!!!!!! Their workmanship, professionalism, organization, quality of work, staff, and I could go on are unbelievable! If we ever built another home SR Homes would do it for sure!!!!'

'SR Homes was very courteous and timely with us as customers. From the beginning to the close our experience was outstanding. Our sales representative Angie kept us updated and provided the utmost professionalism. We are very satisfied with our decision.'

Dear Mr. Tetterton,

We wanted to write you a letter personally to tell you about our experience with SR Homes. We moved into our home in Hunter's Walk 3 weeks ago. It's been so wonderful being home!

Let us begin from the beginning. Exactly 12 months ago we lost our home and most of our belongings to a house fire. It was a scary and very sad time for us. However, we are followers of Jesus so as Christians we held on to the hope of Christ. Knowing God would meet all of our needs. And yes He did! People in the community donated clothes, money, toys, toiletries, and so much more. Our community of friends helped us find a rental home and even furnished everything inside.

Fast forward through the holidays, it was then we started thinking we needed to look for a permanent home. In February we happened to drive through Hunters Walk and just loved the look of it. There were only a few lots left in the 2nd phase. But none of them matched the floorplan we were interested in. So we left feeling a bit defeated.

About an hour after we left, the salesperson (Derek Johnson) called and said the builder would be willing to resubmit the building permit for the floorplan we desired if we really wanted lot 137. So we prayed and decided it was the right move. We signed a contract that weekend!

When we built our first home, we weren't really involved in the process. So this time, we were a bit anxious not knowing what the process would look like. With that being said, I would have to say the process with SR Homes was the complete opposite. We were very involved in the process. And it started with Chris Shiflett. He is our builder and he is amazing. Chris ensured from pre-construction to final walk-through and beyond that any question or concern was met with professional and prompt response.

During the building process, he made things easy to understand. We so appreciated his dedication to perfection. This house is such a well-built home. Chris took extra care of us. He has called even since we've moved in twice just to see how things are going. We have felt so cared for by Chris and the whole SR Homes family.

We are so appreciative for all that SR Homes does. Mr. Tetterton, you have built an excellent company and everyone we have come in contact with was professional yet personable. Kevin Laser helped us complete all the final to-dos on our final walk-through list with ease. Stephen Hix explained the warranty process so clearly and has answered so many questions promptly and with detail after we've moved in.

SR Homes has definitely met the motto - 'A Builder focused on YOU!' We wanted to say thank you for building us our dream home. We love every bit of it!

Thank you,

Greg and Rachael Walkup

'There is not a day that goes by that I don't pull into my driveway and feel the same excitement as the day we moved in. SR Homes is hands down the best craftsmanship and construction in the Atlanta area. The home buying process and customer service is unparalleled. I could write a novel on how happy we are with our home and community. In addition, the SR family run this business with integrity and ethics!!!!! I give them 10 stars!!'

'We are about a month out from closing and have been working with the SR team since about March. This is the third home my wife and I have built over the years. By far, this is the best experience we have ever had. Not because we previously had bad experiences. The two previous builders were quality builders and good people.

Jeff Causey has been both a delight to work with on a personal level and highly professional in carrying out the business of building our family the best home possible. We feel like Jeff is very careful to listen to our concerns, make sure he understands and then communicate options very clearly. We feel like he is our advocate.

We just recently met William, the finish builder. We visit the site regularly and have noticed William being vigilant to make sure everything is getting done and done right.

We have also really enjoyed meeting some great subcontractors like Alan, Sam, Kori, David, Casey, Bridgette and others. All wonderful people who really seem to care about us and our home.

Our journey started with Carolyn and Tom. I understand that technically they represent SR homes on this project, but all along the way they have consistently supported us and answered a million questions.

Just wanted to check in and let you know that so far the SR team has been great to work with and we are confident that we will be receiving a high quality and beautiful home.'

'Dear SR Homes,

Thank you so much for the blanket, Mickey and I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. The blanket is really coming in handy for us 'retired folks' that sit in front of the TV.

We are loving our house and looking forward to meeting more of our neighbors. We appreciate all of the hard work and especially the way The SR Team stays on top of things.

SR has a top notch staff that I am sure you are very proud of!

Thanks again!'

'We wanted to share our wonderful home buying experience with SR Homes. After moving from Southern California we rented a home for a few years in Johns Creek, before we decided to shop for a new home and as luck would have it found our home in Jones Bridge Estates.

It was love at first sight right from the floor plan. Our new home specialist has a very warm personality and always gave priority to our feelings. The team at SR Homes exceeded our expectations at every step of the build/purchase process. It is worth mentioning that all the vendors SR Homes brought in are top-notch professionals in their respective areas, which reflected in the quality of the home.

Being from India, we were very particular on the move-in date and this posed a bit of a challenge for SR Homes as it shortened the project time by 2 weeks than the initial plan. The SR team, however, did not compromise on any detail and delivered a fantastic quality home even though the timeline was reduced by two weeks.

We were lucky to work with our builder who is a true professional and who cares deeply for the customer's needs. He understood our sentiments and always gave priority to all our requests and responded to all of them promptly. Our builder took special interest in making sure that our home looked beautiful by suggesting ideas that would have slipped our mind. When we ordered a storm door he took special interest to see to it that it matched the exterior so that the colors blend. He made sure that even the minutest details were taken care of before our house warming ceremony. It has been a pleasure to work with him.

We love our home and are so happy to have found such a wonderful home. We will recommend SR Homes without reservation or hesitation for anyone looking for a custom quality home.

Thank you, SR Team, for your efforts and sincerity.'

'As an active SR Homes customer, I would like to take the opportunity to provide some customer perspective feedback. Often, as customers, we tend to provide feedback to business owners occasionally, when service is below expectation. It simply seems to be human nature to 'vent' when things aren't as we expect them to be.

However, this is not one of those occasions. I would like to convey our complete pleasure and total satisfaction in our business relationship to date. Our first encounter with representatives of SR Homes was quite by chance. As we are relocating, and reviewing available housing options, we stumbled upon your Greystone Manor development. The gates were open and we drove through the community. We noticed a site office and proceeded to stop and inquire about new home availability. The Greystone Manor builder immediately offered his personal assistance. He mentioned that he was not in sales, but rather the builder, and the sales person would be available later that day. He then offered a tour of a home that was under construction (lot 54). We were very impressed with the workmanship and quality of the new home, The SR Team's knowledge, and unique ability to understand our particular interests. The tour, quite comprehensive and lengthy, due to our many questions, was an introduction to the type of extremely knowledgeable and personable people that you employ. The builder provided a phone number for the Greystone Manor New Home Specialist and suggested that we call her at are our convenience. To his surprise, we called immediately, as we again stood in front of your site office.

Your New Home Specialist agreed to meet with us, again at our convenience. We arrived the next day and met with again, one of the most helpful people that we could imagine. She is knowledgeable, not only in the area of sales, but in construction, decoration, construction materials and design as well. The SR Team has been helpful, educational, and easy to do business with in all aspects of lot selection, home design, planning detail, and every aspect of the building process. Please keep in mind that we are early in the process as we recently completed the PCC process and should be just starting excavation later this week.

We understand that we are early in the building cycle. Given the chemistry, openness, patience, and comprehension of your people, we have every confidence that our new home will simply be a masterpiece. The SR Team instills a sense of confidence and assurance, that the building experience with SR Homes will be rewarding and satisfying.

We failed to mention that this is our 28th move and our 7th new construction. That is not as important as you knowing that so far this has been our very best, by any and all comparisons. We have developed absolute trust in your representatives, and look forward to an unprecedented building experience.'

'I wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know how seamless the post-closing process has been with SR Homes. As you know, it's tough moving, even if it's only a few miles away (as it was with us) - there are always so many more challenges than you anticipated. Your post-closing support process is excellent. Your team has been great to work with - always totally understanding, responsive, and flexible. It's outstanding customer service like they have provided that will continue to enhance SR Homes' reputation in the market.

From my perspective, SR Homes has been a top notch builder to work with - from the initial tour of the Lot #34 home last fall to our recent 45 day warranty items.'

'I am finally getting around to describing to you what a great experience it was to work with the SR Team.

From the very first meeting where I was put at ease by Mr. Alex Tetterton to the closing walk-through, it was an easy process. I had been involved with building several homes from inception to completion, and they were all no fun!

When I had a question, I could text or e-mail The SR Team and always get a prompt response. I think The SR Team does things like I do surgery: meticulous, complete, fully engaged, and they take full pride in their work! You know that I was a little bit sorry when the building process was complete, because then we couldn't meet weekly any longer!

I love my home; it is strong, extremely well-constructed well past my requirements, and the finish work is absolutely top-notch! Walk-through items were completed in a timely fashion, and without delay or excuses.

I recommend SR Homes most highly and without reservations, and would be most proud and happy to lead any prospective neighbor through my home.'

'I wanted to share my experience with you about working with The SR Team and the purchase of my new home.

I recently moved back to Atlanta and decided I wanted to purchase a new home. I have bought homes in the past and built several.

This was the best experience I ever had.

My builders went above and beyond. They are very professional and knowledgeable about their trade. The SR Team of Builders are detail oriented and work hard to have everything look just right. They did an excellent job.

I am extremely pleased with my new home. I would highly recommend SR Homes.'

'After relocating back to Georgia, we decided to build a home after a thorough search of resale properties in our desired area proved fruitless. We have had the unique opportunity to build three new homes and purchase three other new spec homes built by custom home builders around the country. Without question, this was the best experience we have ever had -- from designing the blueprints to selecting the finishes -- no builder even comes close to the level of quality, attention to detail and excellent customer service.'

'Our builder is a man of high integrity and character. He is a true professional in every sense of the word and very knowledgeable about his trade. He was very responsive to our requests throughout the entire building process.'

'In the end, our new house exceeded our expectations and was completed on budget as scheduled. We are extremely satisfied with the construction of our new home and would strongly recommend SR Homes.'

'We are sending this note of thanks to share our home buying experience with SR Homes.

Before choosing to purchase a home, we have visited several custom home builders in the Cumming/Suwanee area. However, when first visiting with our New Home Specialist back in December 2011, we have quickly discovered that she was highly professional, candid, very knowledgeable about designs and energetic about serving her clients.There was only one choice for us when it came time to select a builder for our 'Dream Home' and that was SR Homes.

Thank you for making it happen. You are truly awesome and thank you for being part of family all the while. We love you.

Never in our life would we have expected a home building experience to be as wonderful as this was! We have been living in our 'Dream Home' now for four months and from day one we felt like this home was a part of us. Whenever we have questions or concerns about anything dealing with our home, we never hesitate to call our New Home Specialist or Builder, and thankfully they are always eager to speak to us and answer our questions.

The benefit of SR Homes' thorough and detail-oriented approach to building our home cannot be understated. Every corner of the house has visual appeal, and that is largely due to the engaged and thoughtful manner that they have demonstrated. Thank you for everything you have done for us.

I would like to express our sincere appreciation for each of your efforts. This home has turned out to be more than we had ever hoped and that is largely attributable to the creative passion of your team.'

'Having recently bought a home from the SR Homes builders, I wanted to share some of my experience. In my lifetime, I have bought six houses and built four of them. Nothing prepared me for the awesome experience I had with SR Homes and all its employees. Ellen is simply 'unreal.'

At first, I thought she was just being nice to make a sale. The more we got dealing with her, the more I realized she genuinely cared and wanted us to have a great experience throughout the process, which we did.

Our builder has a eye for details and made sure we got a quality home.

To top it all, we had some issues with the lending process and SR Homes, once again, came to the rescue with their goodwill and we were able to close.

Although, I have not had experience with any other builder in Georgia, but having built four homes, I can confidently say that no builder around compares to SR Homes.

Thank you for your simplicity, sincerity and sacrifice.'

Regarding New Home Specialist Experience:

'She was patient, personable, and I felt as though she was nearly as excited about our home as my wife and I. In fact, one of our new neighbors who is currently building in Turnberry has mentioned how much they both ‘love' Ellen. She is truly a special New Home Specialist.'

Regarding Building Experience:

'At every occasion that a crossroad came regarding a decision, they always seemed to take the high road as an improvement to our home. Almost every time they did not require a change order or any additional cost. We truly felt that they wanted to build us the perfect home that we could raise our family in for the next 15 or 20 years! In fact, because of some delays that were not in our builders' control they had to rush to meet our rate lock time line, and they totally accomplished our need to close within a specific time period.

Our builder is incredibly professional and knowledgeable of his trade. He takes the time to really think things out and come up with alternatives when available or necessary to solve a real or perceived problem.

We were very fortunate that he was the builder that finished up our home. He is detail oriented and works hard to have everything look just right. A perfect example is the extension of the tile around our master bath shower. Even though it really did not need it to function, it made our finished product look much classier!'

'I am extremely pleased with the overall outcome of our new home.'

'My wife and I purchased our home from SR Homes in December and are loving it. The whole experience from working with their New Home Specialist, the Superintendent, through the Warranty department has been a real pleasure. The quality of the home and the upgrades that were included are astounding. We thought the home had to be out of our price range. Thank goodness we called the New Home Specialist or we would have missed out on the home of our dreams.'

'This is the best experience we've had in the six homes we have purchased, five of which were new homes. You guys went above the call of duty...' -Mrs. D'Amica

'Yes, they certainly did.' -Mr. D'Amica

'Dear Mr. Tetterton:

I wanted to take just a moment to recognize Ms. Emery. My wife has been looking for our next home for close to a year, with heavy emphasis in regard to that search being performed during both last Fall, and over the last four months. I have followed along in that search from the beginning, but have worked closely with her much of this year, in this regard. During this period of time, we have come into contact with many types of sales agents and feel we have seen and learned much about the people in real estate market in the Northern and Western Metro areas.

I wanted to inform you that of all the people we have met in this process over this last year, my wife and I feel that Mary Beth Emery stands out as the kindest, most patient, candid, knowledgeable, and insightful seller's agent we have found in our new home search. In short, Ms. Emery has been the 'high point' for us, in terms of her professionalism and the sales/listing side of this endeavor. We recently made the decision not to build in Williams Point only because of its distance from other parts of life that we determined we would prefer to live closer to, in general.

It was a pleasure working with Ms. Emery and I just wanted you to know, from our perspective, what an asset we believe she is to your company.

I do appreciate your kind attention in this matter.

With warmest regards, I am,

Calder D. Ehrmann, III'

When we told people that our home was 'under construction', their faces cringed. All you ever seem to hear about is the horror stories regarding new construction. The SR experience was nothing short of a dream! Having recently lived in a home that was also newly constructed, we can honestly say that the quality of materials and attention to details in SR Homes is unmatched. It was so refreshing to see the builders in the neighborhood EVERY DAY checking in on the homes and following through with any issues in a timely and quality fashion. They even proved to be really good babysitters while we were taking our final walk-throughs! ;-)

Thanks for building our dream home!

'SR Homes built a solid product which is extremely energy efficient.

We were pleasantly surprised how low our utility bills are compared to our previous home, which was 800 square feet smaller. In addition, most upgrades came standard with the home, so very little was added in terms of cost for additional features.

After living in the home for about 2 ½ years, we have had no issues with maintenance or upkeep. We are very pleased with the product and would gladly build with the company in its current incarnation again.'

Dear SR Homes,

My wife and I would like to pass along our sincere gratitude and satisfaction with your staff who is focused on the homes in Henderson Landing. They have been incredibly attentive throughout the buying process and especially while ensuring the finishing details of our new home are resolved as quickly as possible. We have moved here from a different state, and it has been a huge comfort to see a company stand behind its work with a staff that cares about the quality of its product.

I specifically would like to let you know about Stephen Hix, Chandler Pethan, Dana Bryant, Aimee Lawrence, and Jack Semones. Each one of them has provided remarkable customer service and has been patient with the questions/requests my wife and I have had. Buying a brand new home is both exciting and stressful so, having people to turn to who are responsive and genuine about making sure we are happy has been refreshing. You should be proud to have these individuals working for you and representing SR Homes. They have been professional, courteous, and thorough on every occasion.

We still have a few things being resolved, but considering the service we have received so far, I have full confidence they will be completed to our satisfactions as well.

Because of our experience, we will certainly recommend your homes to our friends and colleagues when the opportunity presents itself. Thanks so much and we look forward to settling in to our new home.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I had my initial walk through today with Dana and Chandler, my builders. I just want to pass on that the home is amazing. Not much at all needs to be finished off and working with Dana and Chandler was very painless and professional. The entire SR Homes experience has been a very positive and easy process for me and my agent. Paula, the Henderson Landing agent, has also been fantastic. You have also been extremely responsive to any of my requests and I appreciate it. I have built 2 other homes and this experience blew both of them away. Nice work!!!

It has been a pleasure working with the entire SR team. This is our third ground up build with customization and this has been the best experience of the three homes we have built. Thank you again for having vision and making our house a home.