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Outdoor Living Space Trends for 2021

Outdoor Living Space Trends for 2021

Even before 2020, outdoor living spaces were a rising home improvement category. With spring quickly approaching, now is the time to elevate outdoor living spaces to create the perfect oasis at your doorstep.

Outdoor Kitchens

The grill is no longer enough for foodies and grill masters who like to entertain outdoors. Outdoor kitchens now incorporate a refrigerator, sink, smoker, wine cooler, beer tap, warming drawer, a cooktop or pizza oven and maybe even a mounted TV. Weather-resistant cabinets and countertops complete this fun and functional space.

Gathering + Entertainment Options

If the last year taught homeowners anything, it is the importance of outdoor gathering spaces for entertaining friends and family. Some of the most popular outdoor gathering features include expanded and upgraded seating options, weather protection and fireplaces and firepits.

What is better at the end of the day than gathering around a crackling fire, perhaps roasting marshmallows for s’mores? From simple to sophisticated, the options for an outdoor fire feature can reflect any style. Create a screened-in hearth on the patio or deck build a fire pit with rustic or sleek elements. Pergolas are also a somewhat affordable and quick solution for added shade. For the most part, a thoughtfully designed gathering area can be enjoyed in all seasons.

Stylish Furnishings

A well-designed space invites people in, and quality furnishings play a major part in that. Outdoor furniture should be durable to withstand the elements but also comfortable and attractive. Natural materials are a popular element to use in outdoor furniture, such as wicker and rattan, as well as nature-inspired color palettes with hues of green and blue. Implement complementary colors through accent pieces like ottomans, side tables, outdoor rugs and pillows.


People are now heading outside to exercise, meditate or commune with nature, activities typically enjoyed with a certain level of privacy. Many new construction homes now feature carefully placed windows, covered patios and privacy fences that foster private backyard spaces for homeowners.

Illuminated Exteriors

A well-lit exterior enhances the curb appeal of any home while also making entry easier. Thanks to recent technology, outdoor lights can hang from trees, dangle from patio awnings or string across the top of pergolas, and solar lamps and lanterns can stick in the ground or mount to sides of the house to perfectly accentuate certain areas.

Low Maintenance

In the interest of spending more time ‘enjoying’ rather than ‘doing,’ low maintenance is at the forefront of outdoor living spaces and landscaping. Stain-resistant concrete and stone paving provide easy-care surfaces that are preferred over wood flooring and decks that need to be pressure washed and re-stained every two-to-three years, in addition to a wide range of color and pattern options to create the preferred aesthetic. To reduce overall lawn care, consider converting lawn spaces into small gardens or flower beds with perennials or shrubs.

With spring and summer right around the corner, now is the time to get a head start on sprucing up outdoor living spaces so they are ready to be enjoyed. Explore the SR Homes Outdoor Living Photo Gallery here for inspiration.

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