06 May

Kitchen Backsplash Trends Holding True in 2021

Kitchen Backsplash Trends Holding True in 2021

For many, the kitchen is the command center of the home – where meals are made to nourish bodies and conversations take place to foster relationships. As such, the kitchen backsplash becomes the backdrop for a lot of life’s happenings.

Homeowners want it to look its best while also reflecting their personality, too. Here are a few kitchen backsplash trends – some old, some new and some updated – to consider for any new SR home:

Update the Classic Look

Subway tiles are a classic, minimalist design that ages well. Additionally, they are affordable, and the slightly glossy, textured look adds unexpected interest. In 2021, people are updating the classic look with larger rectangle tiles. They can be arranged in the typical horizontal rows or mixed up in a pattern to put a unique spin on the classic look.

Reach New Heights

In another trend, designers are extending the reach of the backsplash to the ceiling and sometimes wrapping it around a larger portion of the kitchen. While this may add to the overall expense, it also adds to the “wow” factor and depending on the material chosen, the backsplash may be easier to keep clean and keep the kitchen looking brighter than the typically painted spaces.

Make a Large Statement

Rather than using a lot of small tiles, create a backsplash with a solid slab of soapstone, marble or preferred stone as the backsplash. In some ways, it’s the design equivalent of typing in all caps – not with the negative, I’m-yelling-at-you connotation, but as a bold I-have-your-attention-now statement. A solid piece of stone is as unexpected as it is simple. When selecting the slab, homeowners can choose exactly how bold to go by creating art with strong strokes of marbling or going with more subtle coloring for an understated look.

Reflect Personality with Metallics

Make the kitchen shine by using metallic materials as the backsplash. Bronze finishes are popular, sometimes mixed in with stone or tile. A solid piece of metal gives a clean, industrial look and mirrored tiles create extra sparkle as they reflect the light. Metals do not have to be modern and shiny, embossed tin squares are reminiscent of an old tavern.

Move to the Wallpaper Side

Who says kitchen backsplashes must be smooth, hard surfaces like tile, porcelain or stone? More homeowners are choosing alternative materials to create unforgettable designs that suit their personalities. A wallpaper backsplash is a quick way to add color and texture. The hardest part is likely narrowing down all the many choices: a geometric design or a colorful floral? The options are seemingly unlimited! Because kitchens can be messy, choose a splatter-proof vinyl or easy-to-clean material. Some designers put the wallpaper behind glass in areas where it will take the most heat and humidity.

Move Shiplap to the Kitchen Work Areas

Shiplap is a popular material in living and dining areas, but it also works for backsplashes, too. Turn it on its ends to create vertical columns rather than the typical horizontal rows or cut the boards diagonally to create geometric designs. Of course, paint colors are unlimited, and painting over it is easy to update the initial first look. Be sure to select an easy-to-clean sheen – either high gloss, satin or eggshell will hold up best.

Go Local

Anyone who loves the farm-to-table movement in support of local farmers and growers should consider supporting local artisans when choosing a unique backsplash. Local artists and designers can create surprisingly delightful texture and color combinations, potentially utilizing materials unique to the area. Do not get the idea that “local” means less than – American artists are creating artisanal tiles, one-of-a-kind iridescent glazes for ceramic tiles and alternatives the rest of the non-artist types have not even considered yet. Plus, it provides an interesting story to tell as a conversation starter.

Choosing a backsplash that suits a family’s personality and the kitchen’s design may not be easy but taking a little extra time to consider all the options will be worth it to create just the right backdrop for daily life. Click here to explore the gourmet kitchen Photo Gallery for more kitchen backsplash trends and inspiration.


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