02 Jul

Clutter vs. Keepers: Getting + Staying Organized at Home

Clutter vs. Keepers: Getting + Staying Organized at Home | SR Homes

Moving into a new home provides opportunities to create new, fresh spaces. While exciting, it also includes unpacking and the need to get organized.

It may be easy to arrange a space, but keeping it organized is tough and clutter finds its way out in the open. Clothes are thrown across the room in disarray, important papers and magazines are scattered on countertops and surfaces and pantries and cabinets are too crowded to fit the week’s grocery run.

To make the process a little easier, it is helpful to purge your space before making the big transition to another home, or just spring cleaning. Here are some tips to getting and staying organized at home by deciding what to purge and what to keep.

Do you need it?

“Want” and “need” are two very different things but can sometimes seem the same. A need would be something like important paperwork or medicine baskets, but a want is overstocked supplies and cluttered drawers. Think about the last time an item was “needed.”

The 80/20 rule typically applies to clothes but can also apply to most things in the home. Roughly 80% of the time, only 20% of things are used, so try to get rid of some of the things that aren’t used 80% of the time.

Keeping things “just in case” can result in major clutter around the house, and more than likely it will go unused. Go through and throw out that half bottle of face wash or those unwanted chip bags that are just taking up space. A helpful tip for items like clothes, books, shoes, etc. is tracking if it is actually used. Once an item is used or worn, put it back in the opposite direction so after a year, it is clear what was used and what wasn’t to easily purge the unused items.

Does it work?

If an item is broken or needs small repairs, think of the value of the item. Is it worth fixing? How long has it taken to get it fixed? This could be clothes, appliances, furniture and decor. If it has been a while, it is probably not going to get fixed and has become clutter.

Is it sentimental?

Everyone holds onto items that have sentimental value, so try to pick which ones mean the most. For example, photo albums are a definite keeper, but every piece of a two-year-old’s finger paintings might not be necessary to keep. Kids’ diplomas and major trophies are also keepers, but their chess participation metal can be thrown out. Be realistic, items to display and keep close are keepers but keeping everything else will get cluttered.  Before tossing everything, decide what should be thrown out or what can be donated to local charities or groups.

Moving and/or a new season are the perfect times to focus on getting organized and, most importantly, staying organized at home. That will make the process of decluttering seem much less daunting. Invest in shelving, containers and storage systems that keep all remaining things in their place. As a typical rule, try to purge annually so the home stays clutter-free and the task doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

There are so many ways to organize and design a home that meets your individual needs. Click here to explore the SR Homes photo gallery for inspiration.


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