08 Mar

Chaos to Order: 6 Tips to Organizing a Home Office, Virtual Classroom

organizing a home office: home office with rustic barn door and parson's desk

It can be challenging to keep home offices and classrooms organized. A clean, polished workspace can promote positive workflow and create a productive work environment. Home offices can come in all shapes and sizes, but it is important to find a place away from the chaos of home life that feels like an escape. Not only will having an organized home office look inviting, but it can be motivational and promote productivity.

Here are six tips that can help improve any space:

Find the Perfect Space

A tidy workspace is important to staying organized. Home office spaces can provide much-needed relief from the chaos of the rest of the house, and they can range from a corner in the kitchen to an open pocket door room. Finding a space that provides a calm environment can improve your productivity.


Cubby systems and shelving can easily display any office supplies in a clean and organized way. Transparent containers and tray drawer organizers can keep clutter at a minimum while still being easily accessible. Investing in a desk with large drawers is a great place to start, leaving plenty of room for hidden organization. Floating shelves can replace desktop items and coordinating bins can make the space look fresh. It is also important to have a calendar either cleanly on a desk, or a tac board calendar on the wall to keep upcoming events in eyesight.

Filing System

It is easy to have important paperwork get out of hand, so invest in a filing system for important documents to have a place to live. Although the intention is for organization, large filing cabinets can get chaotic and cluttered, so consider a drawer system or a sleek desktop filing method. This will help keep all important papers in one place and easily accessible.

Label Everything

There is no such thing as too many labels. Labeling office items, supplies and filing systems is key to keeping track of everything. It can be as easy as printing off adhesive strips, handwriting labels, or investing in a label maker that prints off clean, uniform tags. Having a labeling system ensures that everything can be easily identified and used at ease.

Tidy Up

Home office spaces are meant to provide a productive work environment within any home, and it is important to keep the area clean, physically and virtually. Computer desktop files can easily get messy and cluttered, so start by organizing desktop documents into folders and keep a filing system online. It could also be helpful to buy a scanner, that way all important documents can be kept electronically. A clean desk can organize a space on its own. Keeping everything off the desktop can be a surprisingly easy fix to chaos.


It is important that home offices feel like a productive escape. Adding a few photographs, flowers, paperweights and other personal touches can bring a home office to life and become motivation for productivity. Explore office décor on Amazon here.

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